The Trap (2017) [No Cut] aka Deot (덫)

Prosecutor Min-Suk (Kwon Hae-Sung) happens meets stunning A-Yeon (Lee Yu-Jin) in the parking lot of a tennis court. Since then, A-Yeon contacts Min-Suk often, but Min-Suk tries to down her advances. Min-Suk is married. Min-Suk then gets in trouble due to an anonymous letter accusing him of accepting bribes. He is in danger of losing his job. Min-Suk meets A-Yeon again and they begin a forbidden relationship.

YEAR......: 2017
DIRECTOR..: Yoon Yeo-Chang
STARS.....: Kwon Hae-sung, Lee Yoo-jin, Choi Joon-yong, Kang Hyun-joong
GENRES....: Drama
COUNTRY...: South Korea
LANGUAGE..: Korean
ALSO KNOWN AS..: Deot (덫)
FORMAT....: HDrip | 2.02 GiB | 86 mins | 1280x720 | mkv

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