Jul 23

Call Girls (1977) a.K.a Ying zhao ming che

Call_Girls_1977_CoverThe seamy side of the Hong Kong film industry is laid bare in “The Call-Girls”. Based on the infamous starlets-for-sex vice scandal that rocked the 1970s movie world, the drama has a startlingly gritty sense of reality in the casting of two of the era’s more prominent erotic stars, Chen Ping and Shirley Yu. The scandal arouses the sense of justice of the young cop, played by Danny Lee, and the movie went on to become a top ten box office hit in 1977.
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Apr 14

Fangs of the Cobra (1977) aka Ren she shu

Fangs.of.the.Cobra.1977_PIncredibly, the title serpent isn’t a harbinger of horror, but actually the film’s hero! It all revolves around the fight for control of a wealthy man’s estate. But once the virtuous viper is adopted by a pretty farmer’s daughter, it sniffs out bombs, fights off a street gang, battles a baby-killing rodent, and even does an asp number on a duplicitous woman. Combining this unique plot with the exceptional director’s skills resulted in a one-of-a-kind thriller that will be applauded by reptile fans everywhere.
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Nov 09

Black Magic 5: Seeding of a Ghost (1983) UNCUT Version aka Zhong gui

A Hong Kong taxi driver suffers after being cursed by a sorcerer he accidentally hit with his cab. After the driver’s wife is raped and killed by teenage hooligans, he pleads with the sorcerer to lift the hex and restore his wife to the land of the living. Otherworldly zombie chaos ensues.
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Sep 28

Diary Of A Lady-Killer (1969) a.K.a Lie ren

ivl101168_01If Agatha Christie was Asian, then “Diary Of A Lady-Killer” could may well have been one of her burgeoning projects. The film flawlessly floats between murder mystery mayhem and light hearted eroticism as a man that has sexual affairs with every female that looks at him twice finds them dead shortly thereafter, making him the prime suspect. Yet after he’s convicted and tossed into prison, the murders continue. He’s innocent. But who did it?
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