Aug 31

Dolls of Harem (1986) aka Ôoku jûhakkei

1A brand-new shogun is appointed to your throne when his sibling dies. He find off that the former Shogun among the females from his brothers harem became pregnant, but she escaped. The newest Shogun would loose the throne if the kid is a kid. Genshiro is physician who, among other performs, things abortions, and it is sheltering his love, another women that escaped from the harem. The latest Shogun threatens to arrest the lady unless Genshiro hunts down the woman and aborts her kid. Genshiro learns that the girl releases a “musky aroma from the woman special area” when in ecstasy. Both Genshiro along with his pal set out to discover all of the ladies of this former harem and have sex with them, by force if necessary.
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