Aug 12

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1983) a.K.a Nam yi nui

Hong.Kong.1983.CoverThis is a story of the illegal immigrant experience of people from the mainland of China who have made it to Hong Kong for a better life. The first thing you’ll notice in this Shaw Brothers film is that the city of Hong Kong is a co-star. You see the poverty stricken parts, the glamour parts. Cherie Chung plays Sun, who arrives in Hong Kong to escape. Once there she meets with a carpenter, whom she marries ostensibly so he can take care of her and become pregnant so he can have a son. However, he is middle aged and she is much more drawn to an aspiring boxer who is young like her. There is tension in this film regarding this and it is played well. Cherie Chung does very well, she had matured as an actress by then and did not need to rely solely on her beauty. She is completely believable. This is an erotically charged drama which, while not a happy film because its all about keeping yourself under the radar to avoid being deported, is good because it flows well and the characters have that sense of longing for love and redemption etched onto their faces. Not the easiest film to watch because of its sometime grim nature, but a welcome respite from the slapstick comedies that Hong Kong routinely churned out at the time.
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Aug 10

The Love and Sex of the Eastern Hollywood (1998) a.K.a Oi joi yue lok guen dik yat ji

2b34f917e27cf19412d77f865cd96128What happens when several pretty, young HK girls share the same dream- to be a superstar in Asia’s answer to Hollywood? Different characters and different fates lead them to separate destinies. One accepts a mediocre marriage after an unrealistic, though fascinating love. One has an affair, though she lives a material life. Another one realizes true heart is hard to find after she stumbles and falls in love with a man, as well as a lesbian. The results are several different interpretations of the same dream. HK film buffs will recognize the characters as thinly-disguised satires on a number of real-life HK actresses/tabloid celebrities.
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Aug 06

Killing in the Nude (1985) a.K.a Xian shen

Killing in the Nude (1985)_PosterThis is one of those really out there sex films, where if you love seeing a lot of full frontal nudity of young Asian hotties, with their yellow soft skin, get it on, no doubt, you will enjoy it to the hilt. This movie is packed with it. On the other side of that token, there is some sick violence and depraved cruelty, one murder scene of an Asian whore, a little upsetting, while privately dancing for a demanding (there’s that word again) customer, prior to her demise.
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Aug 02

The Scandalous Warlord (1979) a.K.a Jun Fa Qu Shi

The.Scandalous Warlord.1977.PosterApplauded director Li Han-hsiang was one of few directors that made softporn acceptable by mainstream audiences using the thematic device of “sex on a mission” cynicism, suggesting that sex was the ultimate power. In the sex comedy The Scandalous Warlord, the true power behind the country’s many warlords were the prostitutes that these men would routinely visit. Therefore, the power in this film lays in the hands of the sassy Shirley Yu and the titillating Shaw Yin-yin.
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