Jul 09

The Plan (2014) a.K.a Sul-gye (설계)

The_Plan-p02Se-Hee (Shin Eun-Kyung) is a loan shark. She collects her debts using vicious methods when necessary. For the money, she will do anything including seducing men and destroying families. Se-Hee has two men. In-Ho (Lee Ki-Young) provides money and supports her business. Yeon-Woo is an ordinary man who loves her. Se-Hee’s subordinate Min-Young (Oh In-Hye) attempts take In-Ho and Yeon-Woo from Se-He.

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Jul 07

Woman Is the Future of Man (2004) aka Yeojaneun Namjaui Miraeda (여자는 남자의 미래다)


Two longtime friends, Moon-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae), a college lecturer in art, and Hyun-Joon (Kim Tae-Woo), a struggling filmmaker, both have a weakness for Sun-Hwa (Sung Hyun-Ah). Hun-Joon used to go out with her and when he left for a trip to the United States, Moon-Ho stepped in. Now, with Hun-Joon back in South Korea and Moon-Ho safely married, they track her down once more.
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Jul 05

Missing (2009) aka Sil jong (실종)

Hyeon-jeong’s sister is missing and she fears for the worst. Via her sister’s cellphone, Hyeon-jeong learns that her sister stayed in a countryside vaillage. She goes to the village to find her sister and stops at the local police station for help. Because of the little evidence she has, the police refuse to offer help. Continue reading

Jun 28

My Sister The Never Ending Story Of A Sex Toy (2014) UNCUT aka wool-eon-ni

94453499_my_sister2c_2014What happened to her? The truth behind the hidden case is revealed! Music student Yeon-seo heads to Seoul to meet her sister. She’s almost there,until she sees her sisters body surrounded by people and policemen. The police clarified her death as suicide and wraps it up. However, Yeon-seo feels there’s something more to it then what can be seen and starts digging through the case herself. Detective Kim pays attention and starts reinvestigating the case. The more they dig, the more heartbreaking and shocking news they find…

  • AKA: 울언니 (wool-eon-ni)/The Never Ending Story of a Sex Toy
  • Genre: Drama | Thriller
  • Release Date:2014-12-04
  • Runtime: 97min
  • Director: Lee Je-rak (이제락)
  • Country: South Korea
  • Language: Korean
  • Subtitles: No Subtitles
  • Star:Hwang Geum-hee 황금희/Yang Ha-eun 양하은/Kim Kyoul 김결