Thousand and One Night I,II (2007-2008) 16 Episodes aka Erotik Pantaji Cheoniryahwa Sijeun


Thousand and One Night Collection including:
Tales Of Nights I (2007)[8 Episodes]
Tales Of Nights II (2008)[8 Episodes]
1. Cat in the Moonlight
2 .Pink Lady
3. Sad Mannequin
4. A Witch’s Journey
5. O Cream
6. The Dreaming Typewriter
7. Dream Conversations
8. The Hypnotist
Erotic drama stories from South Korea in the vein of ‘Erotic Tales’. Each episode presents a separate morality tale tied up in love and sexuality.

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Aug 15

Love is a Crazy Thing (2005) aka Yeonae (연애)

Au-jin is a mother of two children and wife to a husband in deep financial difficulties. To augment her income, she works for a telephone sex-chat service. After a chance meeting with Madam Kim, she is offered a job in an all-night bar acting as a companion for lonely men. She is uncomfortable as the level of services she must provide increases, until one day she is introduced to a customer who appears to treat her affectionately and lovingly. Could he be the one for her, the one to take her away from all this?

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Aug 06

The Kind Wife (2016) aka 착한아내 (chak-han-a-nae)

Tae-joon (Lee Sang-hoon-IV) and Seo-yeon (Park Min-kyeong) wrap up their city life and start over in a quiet countryside. Tae-joon is still learning how to farm and he hasn’t had a decent harvest of fruits for several years. He gets stressed and blames the soil. Seo-hyeon suggests they start a ‘sharing house’ to relieve his pressure. They invite a new family into their house to ‘share’ and that it Hwai (Lee Ja-eun). She is a novelist who writes about her experience with another man. She had an affair with Tae-joon in the past. She resented him but still loved him and couldn’t get over him which is why she went all the way down there. She takes over the house which once used to be Tae-joon and Seo-hyeon’s space. Hwai puts pressure on Tae-joon and provokes him by seducing Seo-hyeon’s carpentry teacher Jae-rim (Kim Seon-hyeok). Hwai shakes up Seo-hyeon and tries to make Tae-joon hers while Seo-hyeon struggles to protect her family home.

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Jul 31

A Newly Wedded Couple’s Sex Life (2018) aka 신혼부부의 성생활

The neighbors have some tips for the sexless couple next door!.Jung-sik and Ji-young got married after a hot relationship, but it has cooled down. One day, Yoon-soo and Sun-young move in next door. They have been married for 5 years, but still look like they’re madly in love. Ji-young talks to them about her problems and they decide to help her sex life.

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Jul 30

Sex: A Relationship and Not Marriage (2016) aka 정사 : 결혼 말고 연애 (jeong-sa : gyeol-hon mal-go yeon-ae)

“Getting married is crazy! I only want to be in relationships!” The life story of a woman who doesn’t want to settle for one man. Her mom nags at her to get married, her superior grills her to bring results and her boyfriend turns out to be married. Soo-kyeong comforts herself with some spicy food. One lonely birthday, she ends up having sex with the chef of the spicy food restaurant. They fit well mentally and physically so they get closer but Soo-kyeong rejects the chef’s marriage proposal. The chef gets married with someone else and asks her, “I got married with someone else like you said. Now will you have a relationship with me?”

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Jul 26

Me Too Hidden Truth (2018) aka 미투 숨겨진 진실 (mi-tu sum-gyeo-jin jin-sil)

Campus couple Tae-ho and Eun-seo join the same graudate school to sit in lectures for the most powerful person in Korean journalism, Lee Hee-hyun. On the first day of school, Lee Hee-hyun takes a liking to pretty and smart Eun-seo and uses his authority to try and seduce her, but fails. Hye-jin realizes what the professor is trying to do and spends a night with him, getting herself to the syposium. Eun-seo questions the result and asks Lee Hee-hyun for an explanation. He asks her for physical pleasure and Eun-seo is just confused…

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Jul 08

The Fairy Cries (2018) aka 선녀는 몸으로 운다-감독판 (seon-nyeo-neun mom-eu-ro un-da-kam-dok-pan)

An unmarried woodcutter plants a tree in a wealthy home. The lady of the house makes him uncomfortable, so when he hears about a fairy, he goes to see her in the mountains. He finds the fairy bathing in the water without her wings. He steals them and takes her home. But it causes a complicated web of love and deceit.

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