Jul 07

Ooku: Tsubomi No Ran Asu e No Chigiri (2008) aka 大奥 蕾の乱 明日への契り

Ooku - Tsubomi No Ran Asu e No ChigiriThe Concubine (Mihiro) was promoted in Ooku Castle and her new responsibility is to teach the young shogun with carnal knowledge. After several intercourses,the concubine and the young shogun fall in love with each other. However, their love of different social rankings is forbidden in Ooku. The lady in charge orders them to end the relationship and forces the shogun to marry a noble girl. Nevertheless, no matter how hard the noble girl tries to please the shogun sexually, he can never forget the intimacy he had while making love to the concubine…
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Jul 05

XX Beautiful Killing Machine (1996) aka XX: utsukushiki kinô (XX 美しき機能)

The movie is clearly a low budget direct to video affair with limited cast and settings. Within that context the storyline is simplistic, the action sequences unlikely to satisfy any “action” fans and the female nudity, adequate as it is, insufficient to satisfy voyeurs. Continue reading