Dec 16

Crazy Lips (2000) AKA Hakkyousuru kuchibiru

Crazy Lips DVD

After her brother is accused of murdering four people, his sister, desperate to prove his innocence, goes to a psychic for help. The price they ask, however, is far more than she expected, and the answers they give her are nothing she could ever have imagined. And what is the FBI doing investigating a murder in Japan? Continue reading

Dec 14

The Last Samurai (1974) AKA Okami yo rakujitsu o kire

Set during the 19th-century social upheaval that helped bring three centuries of shogunate rule to its knees, The Last Samurai follows Toranosuke (a physically and dramatically impressive Takahashi, former star of Seijun Suzuki’s Fighting Elegy and Tattooed Life), a paragon of the valiant samurai who is confused by the changes happening around him. Continue reading

Nov 12

The Lost World of Sinbad (1963) AKA Dai tozoku


An adventurous and daring sailor sets sail to the castle of an ailing king to stop an evil premier, hungry for power and wealth, from succeeding the throne and marrying the king’s beautiful daughter. Along the way, with the help of some courageous rebels and a lustful wizard, he must overcome the powers of a bewitching witch, a band of ruthless pirates, and the castle’s Imperial guards. He must also free those kidnapped into slavery and restore the king’s reputation. Continue reading

Nov 10

Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (1974)

Lady Snowblood 2 Love Song of Vengeance poster

“Ms. Snowblood 2 ” – the second part of the cult Japanese Meiko Kaji eksploteyshena with starring . I must say that this part I liked a lot more. First, there appeared a great camera work , and secondly , the fighting scenes are much better ( severed limbs flying in all directions , the blood beat fountain) . The only thing that remains a mystery to me because this is how the main character was able to recover after the events of the original film (?) … Anyway , not the point . The main thing that the movie was very interesting and memorable. Meiko Kaji – is stunning in the role of the samurai girl and then I liked it much more than the first part. Continue reading

Nov 03

Slave Widow (1967) AKA Dorei mibojin

After her husband kills himself, future prospects for the demure and beautiful Mitsuko Fuji look incredibly bleak. Fortunately, her dead husband’s largest creditor, Mr. Kito, is there to offer a shoulder to cry on as he offers to settle all her debts. But, sure enough, Kito’s charity comes with certain strings attached; namely that Mitsuko becomes his personal sex slave. Things become even more complicated when Kito’s son Kazuhiko falls for the helpless widow, throwing into jeopardy his own marriage plans. Continue reading