Jan 22

Sexy Angel Vs Train Man (2009) aka Sekushīenjeru VS toreinman

Being a successful nurse is long been Asuka’s dream. This is the first day she works as a nurse but she was late to work because she meets crowds of satyrs in the train. Her senior Yayoi reminds her to be aware of those men in this place, however it’s too late to recognize about it. The heir of this hospital is deeply impressed by young and beautiful Asuka. One day, those trainees of doctors tricked and raped Asuka, they even recorded the whole process, Asuka swears to herself she will never forgive them!

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Jan 19

Crimson Night Dream (1983) aka Koyamu

the film tells the story of Oden Takahashi (Takako Shinozuka), who was executed for stealing, prostituting herself, and murdering people with poison. According to Nishimura’s film, however, Oden was really just an overly indulgent wife who loved her husband so much that she committed her crimes in order to support him.

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Jan 12

Beautiful Female Leopard: Body Sniper (2010) aka Utsukushiki mehyô: Body Sniper

A popular fashion model, Hikari Fujimi, has more than one identity. To avenge her parents, who were killed by the leader of a crime syndicate, she received training to become an assassin from Nirasaki, her father’s right-hand man. With multiple personalities– herself; a woman with superhuman skills; and an innocent girl who repents her sins– she changes at will.

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Jan 10

Dotei Horoki (2009)

Atsushi Kanai (Hiroshi Yamamoto) is a lecturer at the University of Tokyo. Despite being in his thirties, Atsushi Kanai is still a virgin. One day, Atsushi reunites with his former student Moe Kitajima (Megumi Kagurazaka) and decides that she will be the one to take his virginity. But, Atsushi finds out that she will soon be studying abroad.

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Jan 09

P-Kan Couple (2005) aka P-Kan Fufu

A director of a record company, Bito, is introverted and always ironic so he doesn’t get along with his colleagues. Trying to break out of his shell, he forms a baseball team to communicate with the people around him. He posts an ad for the team, “Frustrations” on the company’s bulletin board but no one joins him. Bito swings the bat alone for days until he meets a half-naked woman sunbathing on the grass. He is fascinated with the woman, Mitsuko, and they make love right there. After that, they get married but to Bito’s shock, Mitsuko refuses to sleep with him unless it is outside under the sun. The FullMotion label is a collection of erotic films all to do with the eclectic relationships of young married couples. It stars popular girls such as: Ai Kurosawa; Yuna Mizumoto; Runa Akatsuki and more. The films are in a “chain-story” format, where characters, objects, and music from a prior film make an appearance in the next film and the same goes on for all subsequent films. In these movies, people are always hooking up with this person or the other; soon finding themselves breaking off and starting something new. You’ll never know who’ll be the next star. In fact, the FullMotion label tells you, everyone is their own star as well as a side-character in someone else’s life. It just so happens, that’s how the world is designed.

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