Jun 10

Kinki (2015) aka Sala (禁忌 )

Sala is a teacher at a girls’ high school. She has a relationship with a female high school student there. One day, she learns that her father is involved in a crime. She has been estranged from her father for years. Sala goes to her father’s home and finds a boy that was confined there by her father. Her father asks Sala to hide the boy. Continue reading

Jun 06

Kûki ningyô (2009) aka Air Doll

19045203bcd069251571a4bb3b4c67a73348d7fdAn “air doll” suddenly develops human feelings one day. Without her owner knowing, the air doll decides to walk around town. She then falls in love with Junichi, whom she spots while walking the aisles of a video rental store. She then starts to date Junichi and eventually works at the video shop. Everything seems to be going perfect for the air doll until something unexpected happens to her.

Continue reading