Aug 19

The Other Side Of Dolls (1993) aka New Call Girl (新應召女郎)

other_side_of_dolls_c013cdb99331325b73947825f3eedb54A model training center is set up by Lady Rose, which aims to provide s3x partners for men with high social status. However, Lady Rose’s main purpose is to blackmail the reputable men for money. A fashion show of undergarment is held, Lady Rose’s models appear in their s3xiest and most seductive und3rwear, and men cannot stop looking for partners. The dirty business of Lady Rose is finally exposed and shakes up the city when a model is killed…
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Aug 13

Rebekah(1996) a.K.a Yi tan zhao yao jing zhi ying shao ming ce


After the case of film industry “silver chicken”, the entertainment circle again is rumored to have movie stars involved in prostitution. The notoriety of the “agent” in the rumors, Rebecca, began to spread. Although Rebecca trickily avoids the media’s tail, but the media’s unfair reports, the untrue comments, and her relatives and friends’ ill treatment toward her made her experience how cold the world can be. In a rage, she decides to appear in person to expose the entire scandal……
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Jul 18

Chinese Erotic Ghost Story (1998) a.K.a Yuk lui liu chai

ChineseEroticGhostStory+1998-48-bA minor staff amends the life-and-death registry he carelessly ruined when he stole a monk statue for his vicious master from a temple. The spirit of the statue awards him by making him handsome and powerful. With the help of the monk, he also enchants the most beautiful prostitute in town. The twist of fate brings him wealth and joy. Yet his wife and his master are behind with their spells of misfortune.
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