Jan 11

The Naked Seven (1974) aka Sengoku rokku hayate no onnatachi

Sengoku-rokku-hayate-no-onnatachiProlific Nikkatsu studio director Yasuharu Hasebe crossed the Seven Samurai legends of Shichinin No Samurai with his own popular Naraneko Rokku series, dressed it up with some of the most popular softcore pinup queens of the day, and scored one of the studio’s few crossover successes of the period.
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Dec 13

Misfortune (2004) aka 愈窮愈見鬼

PoorGhost2004Because of gambling habits, Cheong Yeung ran away from loan sharks to an old building. He met a ghost who came out every night to have sex with him. Every time when he finished making love, he found some numbers in his underwear. From then on, his luck changes. He started to strike lottery, win on bets….
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Nov 25

Slave of the Sword(1993)a.K.a Jian nu (劍奴)

MV5BMjAxMDMwMDEwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzk3OTcxMQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_During a period of upheaval, an itinerant performer has a troupe of four children, one of whom is his daughter Mu-Lin. Jump ahead 15 years, he’s ready to retire and has arranged Mu-Lin’s marriage. Someone he recognizes enters his house and murders him. Mu-Lin is brought to a fancy bordello where the most beautiful prostitute, Yeh Hong, takes a special interest in her. One of Yeh Hong’s lovers, Kim, who is an assassin, also develops a relationship with Mu-Lin. He and Yeh Hong may be working with the emperor’s eunuch; all are power hungry. Things seem more than coincidental: does Mu-Lin have a history with this trio? If so, what is it?
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Nov 18

The Fruit Is Ripe 3 (1999) aka Mat to sing suk si chi mat to sin chi

The.Fruit.is.Ripe.3.1999Peach (Jay Fong) is an angel sent to earth with a task of re-igniting the love between Urchin (Jimmy Wong – Don’t Tell My Partner) and Wei (Shirley Cheung). All it takes is a “I Love You” and Peach is done but it’s going to be an uphill struggle with Urchin as those words are frightening for him to say. Returning to his home island, Urchin takes up fishing and re-connects with Wei and her husband Ronald (Karel Wong). Ronald is a land developer looking to turn Urchin’s fishing pond into a sea world and he cheats on his wife but along the way the seemingly simple task of Peach’s turn difficult as she develops feelings for Urchin and vice versa…
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Nov 17

Beauty of the Haunted House (1998) aka Hung jaak yin ji

01A Hong Kong businessman is in financial trouble, so a Japanese Japanese bank offers a loan on the condition that he sell the family mansion on Lantau Island. The tenant, his patriotic uncle, will only go out in a coffin. The Japanese bank use blackmail to scare the businessman but they don’t know that, in that house, there’s something terrible than their blackmail.
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Oct 31

The Story of Lady Sue (1992) aka Su nu jing

Young master Ying Feng is kicked out of home by his father, a master of mystical magic cures, because the “leader of black religion” is out to kill his entire family. Honest and stout-hearted, Ying Feng punches three guys who want to screw pretty dancer Miss Fan. Fan gets sweet on Feng and he agrees to let her stay with him. Continue reading