Aug 01

Woman of Breakwater (2003) a.K.a Babae sa Breakwater

Woman_of_Breakwater_2003_POSTERIn a poor village by the Manila Bay breakwater, two brothers, Buboy and Basilio, come to the city to escape from the violence at home. They meet a prostitute named Pakita and become close with her when Basilio treats her wounds. All they want is to lead normal lives, but the town’s leader Dave has knavish interruptions that await them.
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Jul 25

Pachinko Queen Explosion (2007)

Pachinko_Queen_Explosion_2007_COVERMari is an gorgeous girl, employed in Pachinko Centre “SEVEN”. One day, Yamazaki, a matter concern accumulation tycoon proposes to verify over the Pachinko Centre to physique a matter mall. Mari strongly objects to this intent because this Pachinko Centre is the locate where she ofttimes played with her ascendant when she was a child. To jock her beatific module of her ascendant and a wish to wager her ascendant again in this place, she has to get in the Pachinko Game Competition. While there’s a news behindhand Yamazaki’s intention to verify over this Pachinko Centre….
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Jul 06

Running Blue (2001) a.K.a Norang meori 2 (노랑머리)

51yQ6ft3S+LThe events that precede and follow, for each of those present in turn, when a young woman is asked for verification of her identity one time too many, in this case when presenting a check at a convenience store. Despite the repetition of the central scene the personal stories and consequences are interestingly varied and unpredictable. The problem for the central character is that her country allows her no usable identity following her change of sex. This was true for the lead actress, South Korea’s most famed woman of transsexual history, Ha Ri-su, but that is about as far as the plot bears any resemblance to her actual life. Since the film was released the actress became, by a landmark court case, the first in her country to to be allowed proper recognition and papers. There are of course many other countries which still impose the same difficulties on similar young women. Probably the best fictional portrayal yet of a woman of transsexual history, anywhere.
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Mar 29

Ardor (2002) aka Milae

Ardor_2002_PIn revenge for her husband’s infidelity, a young beautiful housewife, Mi-heun, starts an affair with an attractive young doctor, In-gyu. Despite her husband’s efforts to regain her love and the disapproval by the conservative little town, Mi-huen gradually finds happiness and satisfaction in the affair and decides to turn her back on her quiet life
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Mar 28

Comic Dreams of ’97 (1994) aka 97 fung lau mung

Comic.Dreams.of.97.1994Opens with the lovely Pin dreaming about great sex with a bloke whom she soon meets in real life – he’s a security guard at her apartment block. There’s also a group of voyeur cops and their captain Fatty Pang who is always losing on the racehorses. Fatty spies on Pin in the shower one day and steals her red underwear. Pin keeps having lustful fantasies and sometimes has sex with her crosseyed sugar daddy Chiu, but burglars break in, and they are stuck in the bath. Just about all the characters take turns at fantasizing, and it’s a great multinational mix. The Can-Can, the Baby Elephant Walk, Cowboys, the Tango. There’s a sex-mad foreign (British) couple who shamelessly overact, who provide much of the sex action, whereas Pin provides the bulk of the nudity (and she is just gorgeous). There’s also an artist who lives in the same block (played by Wong Yat Fei, that actor who looks like Yoda), who is caught by the same burglars when he’s screwing a blowup doll, and compelled to repeat the performance.
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Mar 24

Tandem (1994) aka Chikan densha hitozuma-hen: Okusama wa chijo

tandem-1994-posterThe story of two men, one middle aged one mid twenties, who make friends and exchange cigarettes and stories of their sex lives, unaware they have unwittingly exchanged partners. The story, told in flashbacks, as the two men travel through the night on a motorcycle, is loaded with highly charged eroticism. Sex and violence are juxtaposed against the drabness of the men’s everyday lives, effectively blurring the line between what is real and what is fantasy. Founded on the well-known myth of furtive sexual gropers on the rush-hour Tokyo commuter trains, Tandem is a low-key masterpiece of Japanese Pink Cinema.
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Mar 11

Love Is Over (1993) aka San jian xia yu fei ji mei (三劍俠與飛機妹)

2Charlie is a senior manager of an insurance company. Due to the pressure of the job and the demands of the clients, he would do anything to get business. His wife, Pauline Chan, becomes increasingly dissatisfied with his attitude and left him. Charlie did not take this well at all and decided to take revenge on other women.
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