Jun 21

Erotic Nightmare (1999) NTSC DVD5 aka Gou hun e meng (勾魂惡夢)


Anthony Wong is a rich sex-deprived man who meets a Monk, who offers him an erotic dream. He becomes addicted to the dream and falls in love with the beautiful female student in it. Unfortunately, the dream is part of the Monk’s conspiracy to obtain or destroy all that matters to him. Once Wong finally finishes his dream, things start going horribly badly. For example, his dog loses its head and his mother gets mutilated and stuffed into a box while he was asleep. The dream maker has gained control of Wong through his dreams and his desires and is out to take everything from him. In an attempt to seek revenge, his brother returns from Malaysia and joins forces with the Monk’s wife (Pinky Cheung), who has grown tired of the ritual abuse delivered by her sadistic husband.
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Jun 21

Sex Racecourse (1992) NTSC DVD9 a.K.a Wong gok ma cheung

11c3ea0ab36g215The story mainly concerns the escapades of two girls from Kuala Lumpur working as short-time cheap-motel pros in HK. Mandy and KiKi are friends who only serviced two or three men a night at home, but are expected to do 20 or 30 in HK. KiKi quips that HK men come quicker. Their new boss, the animalistic Kan, allocates his faithful man Kit to guard/escort Mandy, and the idiotic gambling addict Shing to guard KiKi. The girls are ferried in and out of many shabby hotel rooms and get busted a couple of times. During one bust, they get a taste of how corrupt CID detective Big Eye Tai gets results – by beating the crap out of suspects. A quote to ponder : “I will give you a good lesson no sooner”. Big Eye is also good friends with Kan, and his boss, the Madam Inspector, turns a blind eye, until one of the girls sets him up. There is treachery and gang rivalry, but love seems possible as well, as Mandy and Kit find it increasingly harder to hide their feelings for each other.
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Jun 16

Love Actually Sucks (2011) Uncensored Version aka Ai Hen Lan

Love-Actually-Sucks-2011-BluRay-720p-poster-343x500Love is life, life as it is. Not every love story is a fairy tale. After a dramatic wedding feast, unusual love stories unfold towards unexpected endings: a brother and sister in love caught by the mother, a married painter falls for his young life drawing model of same sex, an intimacy between a dance school teacher and his wealthy. Continue reading

Jun 15

The Never Ending Love Story (1994) aka Wu jin de ai (無盡的慾)

TheNeverEndingLoveStory+1994aFollows the changing love lives of college buddies KK and Ronnie, with their girlfriends/wives May and Candy. Workaholic adman KK and his girlfriend May are going through a tough time. They attend Ronnie’s wedding, where KK meets Ronnie’s cousin Candy. KK hires Candy as a secretary on Ronnie’s urging, and the two drift together. Meanwhile, Ronnie’s marriage fails, and he gets together with May….
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Jun 13

Hunting Evil Spirit (1999) aka Yim gong ang wan

haunting1Charlie Cho Cha Lei is a brought up in a rich family, he is nothing to do everyday. In order to have a healthy life, his parent even grasps an expensive medicine for his meal. Un-expectantly, it caused the devil enter into his body, his soul will go out late every night to seduce the girls, it make the whole city messy. Finally, a renowned master is coming in order to get rid of the devil and retrieve his life too . .
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