Nov 01

Strange Hair Salon (2015) aka 수상한 미용실 (susanghan miyongsil)

A ledger pink and employees Mina opened a beauty salon. Even after a long time after opening the salon without gaining the guests, there is a flurry million Paris salon. So Mina attract guests with a sexy concept salon is reminded this is the jackpot. Meanwhile, Mina and ask the salon to promote table tennis lover Oh, the colleagues of the five table tennis are also to patronize the salon. Company Director, byeonsangtae Then the midst of ping-pong and find the salons of pink, showed an interest in Pink Ping Pong to pink, along with Mina.
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Oct 26

New Folder 2 (2015) aka 새폴더2 (sae-pol-deo 2)


Ho-jae has the building, the house, the fancy car that his parents left to him to manage as they live abroad for business. Ho-Jae was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Ho-jae who pretends to be a dutiful son in front of his parents. He enjoys casual sex with women. For Ho-jae who had been living a life all his friends were envious of, there is a sudden wrench in the works. Did he play his con too well? His mother asks his aunt to introduce him to some nice girls. A sexy aunt and a devious nephew… their dangerous cohabitation starts! Continue reading

Oct 26

Cosmic Sex (2015) UNCUT Version

main-qimg-56b2cf5403aef86e8b42cdb557d31726One night eighteen year old Kripa has a fight with his father over his stepmother. There is an accident. His father dies. He has murdered his father. Scared, he runs away from home. The night throws up characters and encounters for Kripa. Devi the street walker, Jonaki her transgenderpimp…Kripa is entrapped in the web of love, sex and jealousy. He murders again. Jonaki dies. Kripa runs on. At dawn Kripa sits by the banks of the river Ganges. The serene river soothes his frayed nerves. A woman emerges out of the water. There is no end to this night. She is his dead mother come alive. He follows her. She takes him into her house. She adopts him as her son. She gives him a new life, another birth. She teaches him to travel inwards into himself using his sexual energy…No one bothers him here… Kripa journeys on…
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Oct 24

A Delicious Flight (2015) aka 맛있는 비행 (mas-iss-neun bi-haeng)

An innocent actress runs away from the scandal with an idol, the impudent idol that ruined her career, a passionate manager who is devoted to her and his ex-girlfriend who is now a sexy stewardess. These four that should never be together run into each other in an airplane. No one can run away and the most cheeky and erotic things happen here. Continue reading

Oct 21

AV Idol 2 (2015) aka AV 아이돌 2 (AV ai-dol 2)

Tokyo AV idol Yumi hides her past and marries Dae-soon, a Korean man. She’s become the wife of the head of youth and the one and only postman in the village. She’s the envy of everyone but only for a while. One day, AV movie makers visit Dae-soon’s village to make a movie and Yumi is afraid her identity will be revealed. Not knowing what the movie is about, the whole village sets out to help their visitors. Continue reading

Oct 17

Married Women (2015) aka 유부녀들 (yoo-bun-yeo-deul)

They know men better than men and they don’t even need to play hard to get! Some female owners of a salon, DVD room and beer pub are out looking for some fresh meat other than their husbands. From a building owner to a part-time officer and even guests, these women have what it takes to have them eating out of their hands. Continue reading