Nov 17

Primal Sense (2015) a.K.a Prom-Ma-Jan (พรหมจรรย์ สวยพันธุ์สยอง)

prom-ma-janA woman who had a tragic past of being raped by a man and since then has never felt secure enough to pursue a relationship. She gets lost in the forest where she encounters a strange naked female monster with a tiger tattoo, who transformed her into a sexy tiger beast.

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Jun 02

Assassin Noel (2015) aka 殺し屋ノエル 悲しみを纏ったスナイパー

Assassin_Noel_2015Drama played a popular sexy actress Sakurai Ayugaon’na sniper. Sister Noel, had the face of a back that killer to always dispose of the target in the Father of the directive. Such her before, it appeared a man named Igawa of corporate associates, down a directive to Noel as close to Igawa.
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Feb 26

Voyeurism (2015) aka 관음증 (gwan-eum-jeung)

photo683451A paparazzi reporter and a female doctor with exhibitionism can’t help their instincts. Jae-hoon was a cameraman but he was fired for something and is now a paparazzi. He is known for his neat work but his usual task is catching people in affairs. One day he gets a call from a woman asking him to keep watch on her twin sister. The sister owns a sexual consulting clinic so he goes as a patient. Then he starts to watch her in secret. As time goes, he shows signs of voyeurism and obsesses with her. The doctor’s sister cancels her request but it’s too late. Then he finds out that the doctor wasn’t a twin sister but in fact the client herself and he blinds himself. Did Jae-hoon’s voyeurism go away or was he a sexual pervert? Or did he really love the doctor?
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Feb 25

Inside Men: The Original (2015) aka 내부자들: 디 오리지널 (nae-bu-ja-deul: di o-ri-ji-neol)

Inside_Men_2015Lee Kang-hee is an editorialist of a influential newspaper in South Korea. With the power of the press, he makes the congressman Jang Pil-woo to one of the candidates of the next presidential election. That is the result of a secret deal between Lee and Ahn Sang-goo, a political henchman of Jang Pil-woo. But Ahn makes an almost fatal error, when he gets caught pocketing the record on the Jang’s slush fund. The prosecutor Woo Jang-hoon is about to investigate and becomes absolutely determined, because the case would help him making big steps in his career. Ahn gets in real trouble, when he gets dropped by Jang and should have been killed, but is able to flee. Now a bitter war starts between one who is lusting for power, the one who wants vengeance and the one who is eager for success.
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