Oct 01

Resort Massacre (2000) a.K.a 殺人渡假屋

resort-massacre-2000-coverMentally disabled Joey is now over thirty and running the Sunshine Resorts inn with his elderly mother, Mrs Lim. He had his eyesight damaged as a child staring at an eclipse in Cheung Chau; but he likes to listen, recording his violent Uncle Hoi having sex. Women have been going missing after renting room thirteen at the inn, presumed suicides. But Joey knows better. Mayse, a journalist out of place at a trashy magazine, is ordered to investigate but sends Julie in her place. When Julie cant be reached for two days, Mayse heads to Cheung Chau herself to solve the mystery.
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Sep 26

The Peeping (2002) a.K.a Tau kwai mo jeu (偷窺無罪)

the-peeping-2002-coverPrivate detective Calvin is hired to tape the sex life of a female politician Kwai Fung Ming, but falls for her instead. He decides to help her counter-attack Law Sau Nam, who is the mastermind to discredit Kwai. Unexpectedly, Law is only one of the tools in this war.
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Sep 23

Virgin Experience (2003) a.K.a บทเรียน สาวแรกรุ่น

Virgin Experience-aSamui was staying at the beach and what they are facing Gulf wonderful in their lives it is to find love with a man she dreamed. It is the age where they’re needed and dare to experiment or study to see if this is a wonderful thing to try self-satisfied love with a man.
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Sep 21

Daydream (2009) a.K.a Hakujitsumu (白日夢)

daydream-2009An artist named Kurahashi and a female artist named Cheiko wait in a dentist’s waiting room. The man feels attracted to the woman but says nothing to her. Later in the examining room, both patients are going under anesthesia, but the man looks over at the woman and sees the dentist and nurse taking off her clothes, while sucking her body for blood like vampires. The man and woman escape from the dentist’s office, but their horror is only about to begin…
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Sep 09

Tears (2000) a.K.a Nunmul (눈물)

tearsHan, a young runaway, and Chang, an over-the-top teen, are close friends. Chang is a foulmouthed, womanizer while Han is a quiet and humble virgin. As they venture into the streets of Garibong-dong and jump from apartment to apartment, they encounter a young hooker, Lan, and Seri, a paint-sniffing young woman who finds comfort in the hands of Han. And this forms the unlikely group of teenagers facing the hardships of street life.
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