Jun 21

Dark Love: Rape (2008) AKA Dâku rabu: Rape


A young woman moves into an apartment that is rigged with hidden cameras.A voyeur,who has raped and abused other women watches her every move and begins a strange relationship with her. His character is truly evil and dysfunctional.A must-see for fans of depraved Japanese exploitation cinema or pinku genre Continue reading

Jun 10

Naughty Instint (2008) – Akiho Yoshizawa

Naughty.Instint.2008.aNaomi and her brother live together. She is having a difficult time hiding her incestuous feelings for him. A friend from college tries to pursue Naomi, but she can’t forget her brother’s embrace. For the second one, Kumiko lives with her brother who has recently returned from overseas. She’s always hidden her feelings for Tatsuya, but now – with lust exploding in her nubile body – she no longer can keep quiet.
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