Jul 11

Beautiful Target (1995) a.K.a XX: utsukushiki hyôteki

XX-Beautiful-Target-350x500A sequence of grisly murders confounds the police. Kyoko, a beautiful forensic scientist, is assigned to unravel the secret of every mutilated corpse. The woman look for the killer leads her ever deeper into the whole world of crooks and prostitutes, however the prey eludes her every action associated with way, while the body count is soaring. Once the life she understood begins to slip away, Kyoko must risk her own death to lure the murderer into the light!
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Jul 05

XX Beautiful Killing Machine (1996) aka XX: utsukushiki kinô (XX 美しき機能)

The movie is clearly a low budget direct to video affair with limited cast and settings. Within that context the storyline is simplistic, the action sequences unlikely to satisfy any “action” fans and the female nudity, adequate as it is, insufficient to satisfy voyeurs. Continue reading