Jul 24

Deep Contact (1998) aka Pin-saro byôin 2: Nô-pan joi


A comet is on as collision course with Earth. Cynical and indifferent nihilist loner Wataru is kidnapped and taken to a secret hospital where chief scientist Dr. Ohora informs Wataru that he possesses a special psychic power called Sexual Psychokinesis that could help save mankind. Continue reading

Jul 24

Crazy Emperor (1993) Aka Gu ben su nu zhen jing

im9ztzqnodh0Emperor finds a picture of a beautiful lady and orders his tree-fucking servant to bring her to him. It took a lot of searching, but he finally finds her, kills her parents and kidnaps her.  After getting raped by emperor she decides to take her life. Then she gets buried in the forest, her corpse unburied and raped by a grave robber and finally she becomes a revenge seeking ghost.
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Jul 21

The Power Of Love (1993) AKA Qing Bu Zi Jin Zhi Xiang Ru Fei Fei (情不自禁之想入非非)


A young girl, Jane gets a job as a maid to a lecherous old billionaire. During her time there he dies, and decides to leave his money to the object of his desire, rather than his own son. His son’s wife however is less than happy about this and sets in motion a chain of sexual dalliances and murder. Continue reading

Jul 20

Female Ninja: Magic Chronicles 2 (1992) aka Kunoichi ninpô-chô II: Sei-shôjo no hihô

Female Ninja Magic Chronicles 2 (1992)
Christian rebels get a shipment of gold to help build the religion in Japan. An evil lord wants to get the gold and wipe out christianity but he has to find 5 bells that have clues to where the gold is. You’ll never guess where the bells are…
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