Oct 07

Hello! Who Is It? (1994) a.K.a Wei, wen bian wei?

hello-who-is-it-1994_coverAn attractive girl has become a hooker in order to save themoney for her son’s liver operation in Australia; she spends all of her free time feeding her palsied mom; then, she gets raped and accidentally killed by some randy telephone workers. Officer Ma Fai (Lam Ching Wan) investigates, and discovers that the girl’s ghost, dressed in red chiffon, is killing off her murderers with electrical cables. Ma Fai sets things straight, and even gets the girl (that is, a live one).

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Oct 06

Black Angel 2 (1999) a.K.a Kuro no tenshi 2 (黒 の 天使)

black-angel-2-poster-jpgMob bodyguard Yamabe once saved Mayo from thugs and went to jail for it; Mayo must kill the man who Yamabe protects; and Suzu, whose husband Shinichi was the man killed by Yamabe’s stray bullet, miscarries her baby. The destinies of these three souls begin to intertwine…

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Oct 01

Daze Raper (1995) a.K.a Mi jian fan

daze-raper-1995-coverCorrection Officer Kwok Kam Hung is a gambling addict and owes alarge sum of money, so he constantly makes money through the immates. The department finds out and fires him. Unemployed, Hung seeks other means to survive and recalls a trick formula that will daze the victim and take the victim’s money. He first tries and succeeds in dazing a prostitute and taking her money. Hung then decides to inject the daze drug into drinks in convenient stores…similar to Spike Drink Gang.
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Sep 27

Sex and Curse (1992) a.K.a 禁房艷奇

sex_and_curse_1992_coverWomen keep throwing themselves at Charlie, but he falls for charming masseur Si Wai, who is beholden to a cute little idol who once saved her from being raped by a gangster. Unfortunately, the ghost of the gangster goes after Charlie, making him have sex with the women he is obliged to show around for work purposes.
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Sep 26

Hold Me and Kiss Me (1992) a.K.a Watashi o daite soshite kisu shite (私を抱いてそしてキスして)

hold_me_and_kiss_me-1992_coverKieko’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that she has been infected with HIV. As she struggles to cope with the situation and resist the infection, she finds new friendship and companionship with a journalist named Miyuki and a man named Akira.
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Sep 15

The Woman Behind (1995) a.K.a Er nai cun: Sha fu (二奶村之殺夫)

thewomanbehind_coverWan (Lily Chung) worries that her husband Shui (Bobby Au Yeung) may fool around when he goes to set up a new business on the mainland. Initially, Shui demonstrates his virtue by refusing to take a bargirl home from a businessman’s drinking session. But, when nearly knocked over (and then actively pursued) by a pretty young village girl (Cheng Yim-Lai) to whom he is kind and gentle, Shui confirms his wife’s fear. Wan eventually finds out through gossip and, after much fire and thrashing, accepts her husband’s inability to decide between the two women, then accepts the girl…. or does she?
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