Nov 04

Lover of the Last Empress (1995) a.K.a Ci Xi mi mi sheng huo

lover-of-the-last-empress-1995_coverA story of vengeance and personal greed for power. A legendary curse is placed on the fall of the Manchu Dynasty. Empress Dowager Cixi goes from just another pretty face in the harem of the concubines to the First Lady of Vice via various strategies and manipulations in a most-ambitious political conspiracy with spine-chilling viciousness. This also features a rare Category 3 appearance for Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Chingmy Yau as a concubine who is schooled by a prostitute.

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Nov 03

Motel Cactus (1997) a.K.a Motel Seoninjang

motel_cactusMotel Cactus consists of four episodes, all of which take place in Room 407 of Motel Cactus, a love hotel in Seoul: (1.) A girl celebrates her birthday with her boyfriend, because it is the only place she feels entirely secure with him. (2.) A student has rented room 407 for several hours to shoot a scene with a girl for his video film, a college project. (3.) A salesman meets a woman in a bar. Both very drunk, they arrive in room 407. Afterwards he is back in the room, alone. (4.) He is soon joined by his old love from his college days. Both are vaguely hoping to rekindle their old relationship.

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Oct 26

Robotrix (1991) UnCut a.K.a Nu ji xie ren

robotrix_coverA Japanese scientist discovers that the mind and personality of a dying person can be transferred to a robot. He commits suicide to prove it. The robot/scientist exploits his new arrangements by embarking on a program of kidnapping, rape and murder. Then a robotrix, a similarly converted former female police officer, and her team of robotrices, throw some very nasty wrenches in his works.

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Oct 17

Caged Beauties (1993) a.K.a Qiu Mei Gui

caged_beauties_coverCaged Beauties tells the story of an oppressive revolutionary government randomly arresting unsuspecting citizens. The men are used to target practice and the women become prostitutes. Very grim and brutal Women In Prison flick with a huge cast of extras. The somewhat crude documentary style actual helps sell it as realistic.

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