Jul 09

Snake Pit (1983) AKA Dan Oniroku hebi no ana (団鬼六シリーズ )

939Ecstasy and violence are par for the course in the scandalous Japanese smut film Snake Pit (Hebi No Ana). Although it’s already more than two decades old, there’s nothing antiquated about Katsuhiko Fujii’s riveting erotic thriller, which treats its heroine to a wide range of imaginative pleasures and cruelties. Izumi Shima stars as Shiuko, the impeccably toned heroine whose adventures include bondage.This film is about an abusive husband who subjects his wife to different forms of sexual abuse and torture, including upside down rope bondage, hot candle wax and walking her around with a collar in public.A stylish sleazefest directed by Katsuhiko Fujii, one of the S&M genre specialists in Nikkatsu.The film is quite trashy but it does have some interesting ideas which imho, are quite original in the SM genre. No Subs, but the film is quite easy to follow as it doesn’t have much plot and you could understand just about everything from the visual story-telling.
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