Oct 04

The Erotic Dreams of Cleopatra (1985) aka Sogni erotici di Cleopatra

Caesar brings the Egyptian queen in Rome, but their passion for a long time to cool. Preparing a conspiracy against Caesar and Cleopatra dream the same dream: her former lover killed close associates. Its high priest said that the dream of prophecy and can not stop the march of events. The queen sends his messengers to Caesar, knowing that two fatal wounds are inflicted by Brutus. Continue reading

Sep 28

Female Doctor: Flesh Slave (1986) aka Joi niku dorei (女医肉奴隷)

517HoXqWAyLKaori Aso plays a warm and kind female doctor. She has a fiancee who is also a doctor working in the same hospital. The head nurse has her eye on Aso’s fiancee. One day the head nurse passes a porn flick to the fiancee in which the lead actress resembles Aso (but it is not her). Continue reading

Sep 13

Sex Hunter (1980) aka Sekkusu hantâ – sei kariudo

sex_hunterA beautiful young ballet dancer is accepted into a prestigious and exclusive dance academy. Overjoyed at the opportunity to further her career and repair her relationship with her boyfriend, she soon discovers that the academy has a much, much darker side to it–and she may not be able to escape it.
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Sep 12

Survey Map Of A Paradise Lost (1988) aka Hard focus: nusumi-giki


Reporter Nukada’s next big assignment is the secret world of Japanese phone sex clubs. He gets in touch with Midori, a part-time employee at the Banana Club, but is startled to hear she’s been implicated in the bloody death of a client with perverted tastes Kihara. Continue reading

Sep 10

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman (1986) aka Bijo no harawata

entrails_of_beautiful_woman_poster_01This is a story about a pretty psychologist (Megumi Ozawa) who is raped, murdered, and dismembered while trying to avenge the suicide of a patient who was raped by a Yakuza gangster. Buried along with the remains of a rival gangster, Ozawa somehow melds with his corpse and comes back from the grave as a hermaphrodite zombie. A bloody and sadistic revenge is ahead.
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