Apr 05

Tokyo bordello (1987) aka Yoshiwara enjo (吉原炎上)

Set in 1911, and inspired by the novel “Yoshiwara on Fire” by Saito Shinichi. The story of a young girl sold into prostitution by her destitute father to a brothel in the Yoshiwara “pleasure” district of Tokyo. The owners of the brothel have high hopes to make her the great new addition which will attract only the richest of customers. But after several months of training, she tries to flee Yoshiwara when the time has come for her to take her first customer.

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Mar 22

Before Spring (1980) aka Kaichô-on

A town along the Hokuriku Seaside. Riichiro, the owner of a Ujijima who is a businessman and a man of the town, helped a woman who lost his memory with falling wet at the beach in the morning. The wonderful woman of this one is welcomed and the hearts of the people of Ujijima shake variously. I was also interested in a daughter Isamu also frightening as a girl. The grandmother ‘s godmother who has protected this house with a single girlfriend nurses her without challenging Riichiro who tries to put a woman at home because he lost his son’ s wife early. Riichiro gradually gets fascinated with women, and Iyo watches the progress of adults while injured in the memory of his mother when he was young. One day, Seiju who was the brother of Riichiro’s deceased’s wife, Issei’s uncle abandoned city life and came back to this town. Seiju is criticized by Riichiro who had Riichiro take care of his work although he was wielding the woman at home, and eventually they confront. Seiju left a deep scar on the marriage between his older sister and Riichiro. However, Seiju can not match Riichiro who has the confidence and dignity of a guard who protects the house, parting from his deep feelings, leaving alone a town. After a while, the woman revived me. I was in my mind, but only a man died, I survived. As Riichiro wishes, it is too hot to stay in this house. However, Riichiro ‘s feelings towards a woman were extreme. In the emergence of a mysterious woman, faced with the unknown world of adults, Iyo died of fathers and girls due to the intense sensitivity that lives in a young body.

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Feb 28

Oniroku Dan : Best of SM (1984) aka SM daizenshu (団鬼六監修 SM大全集)

SM Daizenshu – Best of SM is basically clips from a few “popular” pinku films that is put into the context of a “story” – by adding “book-end” sequences that turn the film clips into slightly more than just a compilation film.

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