Flower and Snake collection [1974-2014] – High Definition (花と蛇)


flower-and-snakeFlower & Snake Collection including:
1. Flower and Snake ’74 (1974) [Hana To Hebi]
2. Flower and Snake 2: Sketch Of Hell (1985) [Hana To Hebi: Jigoku-Hen ]
3. Flower and Snake 3: Punishment (1986)[Hana To Hebi: Shiiku-Hen ]
4. Flower and Snake 4: White Uniform Rope Slave (1986) [Hana To Hebi: Hakui Nawa Dorei]
5. Flower and Snake 5: Rope Magic (1987) [Hana To Hebi: Kyukyoku Nawa Chokyo]
6. Flower and Snake I (2004) [Hana To Hebi]
7. Flower and Snake II(2005) [Hana to hebi 2: Pari/Shizuko]
8. Flower and Snake III : Zero (2014) [Hana to hebi: Zero]

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Oct 05

So Soft, So Cunning (1979) a.K.a Motto shinayaka ni, motto shitataka ni (もっとしなやかに もっとしたたかに)

so-soft-so-cunning-1979_coverSo Soft, So Cunning, considered one of Fujita’s best films, is “a somber look at family life in contemporary Japan”, while Tenshi o yūwaku is a serious portrayal of the problems faced by a young couple (Momoe Yamaguchi and Tomokazu Miura) in the suburbs.
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Oct 03

Violent Streets (1974) a.K.a Bôryoku gai (暴力街)

smglpq2qoxnxViolent Streets covers standard yakuza ground: the retired gangster forced back into the crime world. A beef brewing within Tokyo’s underworld sets off a series of spectacular violence headlined by some of the genre’s best actors: Noboru Ando, Bunta Sugawara, Akira Kobayashi, and Tetsuro Tanba. Gosha’s skillful delivery prevents the film from losing any sense of seriousness, even at its most violent.
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Sep 20

Sexy Girls of Denmark (1973) a.K.a Dan Ma jiao wa (丹麥嬌娃)

sexy-girls-of-denmark-1973_coverA businessman’s son, Kwok Chuen(Chung Wa/Tsung Hua), heads to Denmark to take care of a deal for a movie studio. In Denmark, he meets and falls “in lust” with actress Ann Charolette(Birte Tove). Later on, Kwok Chuen finds out that Ann Charolette is a soft-core porn actress and she has no plans of leaving the industry or having a relationship with Kwok Chuen. Kwok Chuen later meets Ms. Fang(Li Ching, not to be confused with actress Ching Li, Ching Miao’s daughter), a Chinese woman living in Denmark. Will he succeed in seducing her, winning her love and her hand in marriage?
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Sep 20

Street of Joy (1974) a.K.a Akasen tamanoi: Nukeraremasu (赤線玉の井 ぬけられます)

It’s the evening before the day all brothels must be shut-down, according to the new law, in 1958. At the Kofukuya’s (literally, the house that sells happiness), five prostitutes decide to celebrate the day. Erotism, drama, and comedy mix as each hour, and a different event passes, in which all the women’s stories come to the surface.
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Sep 06

100 Years of Torture: The History (1975) a.K.a Gômon hyakunen-shi

100_years_of_torture_inquisition_COVERThe movie takes place in four periods: the first, a group of female Christians are raped and crucified in 18th century Japan. The second deals with a man who beats his cheating wife and her lover. The third, and the most interesting, is set in WW2 where inquisition soldiers torture, rape and abuse female traitors, and the fourth story deals with soldiers raping and abusing suspected female spies.
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Sep 05

The Sugar Daddies (1973) a.K.a Tao se jing ji

The_Sugar_Ladies_1973_COVERThe sugar daddies, where to begin? This film is just funny, really funny, a sort of morality tale on several levels, full of slapstick, the strange and just plain old bizarre. The story is very predictable and formulaic but it is very enjoyable. Old men get ripped off by young man and sexy girls, old men finally wake up and exact revenge.I think the English have a term for this type of movie, a “romp”, and certainly it could have been a “Carry On Sugar Daddies” sort of movie. I found it an enjoyable 90 minutes or so, with maybe a few too many shots of old men in even older underwear, hahaha. Not the greatest movie of its era, but then again I don’t think it is meant to be taken too seriously, just enjoy it for what it is…..silly fun.
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Sep 01

Second Coming of Eva (1974) a.k.a De elskede i sommernatten

second_coming_of_eva_1974_coverYoung schoolgirl Eva is beginning to become somewhat obsessed with sex, so her prudish older sister sends her off to a girls’ boarding school, where she is assured that Eva will receive proper moral guidance and forget her sexual obsessions. Eva, however, discovers that the school isn’t quite what her sister thinks it is.
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