Apr 13

Secret Flower (1971) aka Hika

A woman who has just missed her suicide and a couple which has just left its political movement meet on a beach… A very rare ATG distributed Wakamatsu, starring Ken Yoshizawa and Rie Yokoyama as two pieces of a destructive love-triangle. Has all the usual Wakamatsu themes of politics, suicide and twisted love, as well as stylish Hideo Ito cinematography and great use of the more or less single set (a beach with an abandoned boat on it).

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Apr 04

Terrifying Girls High School : Delinquent Convulsion Group (1973) aka Kyofu joshikôkô: Furyo monzetsu guruupu

A nasty schoolgirl does what she pleases, under the protection of her father, who is the school principal. Another girl is not so nasty, but she is determined and tough enough to contest the girl’s gang in a democratic vote – and win. That causes her trouble in school, just when her own father, who owns a truck transport company, is murdered in a fake car accident by an American mobster. Before the girl can react, her naive mother has signed over the company to the mobster, and accepted him as her lover. Repentant, the mother starts drinking, and the good schoolgirl ties up with a halfbreed young man, who also has a grudge against Americans. He starts spying on the gangsters, discovers they are dealing in drugs, but is killed before he can report it. The good girl will lead her team in a desperation assault on the mobsters.

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Mar 30

Girl Boss Guerilla (1972) aka Sukeban gerira

Miko Sugimoto is the leader of the Red Helmet Gang, a biker girl gang from Shinjuku who wind up in Kyoto and make a bid to take over the local girl gangs there. Successful for a short time in ruling the streets it isn’t long before Miko and her crew run afoul of the local Yakuza, and are forced to turn to Reiko Ike, a ronin Yakuza girl, and sister to one of the top Yakuza in Kyoto, for help, leading to a murderous showdown at a small coastal resort.

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Mar 28

Terrifing Girls’ High School: Women’s Violent Classroom (1972) aka Kyôfu joshikôkô: Onna bôryoku kyôshitsu

Delinquent girl boss meets and conflicts with an orphan girl who lives an isolated life after the dramatic deaths of her parents. She plays the piano, but stands up against her lecherous guardian, who is also a school official.

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Mar 18

New Eros Schedule Book: An Offering of Fine Skin (1972) aka Shin irogoyomi ooku hiwa yawahada kenjo

The era of Tokugawa Yashiro General Yoshimune. One day, a spell with an actor named Mononokei was delivered to Oyu Oyu – sen and Fujio address. The interrogation of Tsunehiro Yano started quickly and it was that Fujio did not remember himself, but he kept himself in the fortresses and served Fujio became a disposition of the expulsion of Edo Castle. And Takegawa was appointed to succeed Fujio, so that Takegawa worked for himself as a fairyteller of Yoshimune. On the other hand, Oya Ose and Osechi, who were under Fujio, were struggling to find out who was trying to fall into Fujio with this one case. A few days later, I heard that it was “a maid with a large mole at the left internal thigh” that I was trying to oppose the crestation from Isao Narushima who protects the entrance to Ooku. I promptly notified of that information quickly. One day, a beautiful laden offering was presented from the lords of the countries, Yoshimune liked the blonde girls’ sister very much, and cute as every evening. However, Osechi who was serving Sally got stuck in the eyes of Yoshimune. There was a fiancé, Shinjiro, but Yoshimune did not forgive him, and invited midforced forcuses to a fair. However, when Yoshimune finds a hook in the crotch of falsehood, he said that there is a hook in the same place. I could understand all of the truth. Fujio’s name was restricted only to be quiet, it was what Takegawa and Yano had organized. Still surprisingly it was surprising that Sally was brought into Ooku for old Fujio’s investigation from old age. Eventually Fujio returned to Oku, and Oshito Shinjiro was supposed to have a house to see. …

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