Aug 27

The story of a nymphomaniac (1975) AKA Koshoku: Genroku Monogatari


Natsu, the older of two sisters, has a relationship with Yonosuke, the local kimono trader. Unlike her more conservative sister Oshichi she tries to use sex as a means to climb to a better social position. To even attempt that she first needs to get out of the Buddhist monastery she is working at… Continue reading

Aug 26

True Story of a Woman in Jail Continues (1975) AKA Zoku jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho

True-Story-of-a-Woman-in-Jail-ContinuesThis shocking sequel to True Story of Woman in Jail Sex Hell, Mayumi emerges from solitary confinement to find an all-new gang of bullies picking on a meek, young female prisoner. Mayumi is now a much harder soul who takes no attitude from anyone, and she turns savage when the poor girl is enslaved by Yakuza! No one is safe as Mayumi takes down the entire jail in a sudden act of violent carnage.
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Aug 16

Wet and Rope (1979) aka Shudojo: nure nawa zange

The film follows the misadventures of a young nurse whom on her wedding night is raped by a couple of crooks that break into her marital suite. Selfishly angered by the crime, her new husband kicks her out of his life. The despairing young girl attempts to take her life by jumping from a cliff , only to be saved by a passing priest who convinces her to join a local nunnery where the lord will seemingly give her a new life. But, in true nunsploitation manner, all is not what it seems… Once inside the convent, she again, becomes a victim of sexual abuse.
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Aug 13

Long Jeanne Silver (1977) aka The Lady with the X-rated Leg

Jeanne Silver is a lovely and charming amputee with a malformed left leg appendage which resembles a large penis. Silver embarks on an unusual erotic odyssey in which she uses said phallic appendage to pleasure both men and women alike. Moreover, Silver also provides candid glimpses into her sunny and resilient personality as someone living with a peculiar physical affliction.
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