Feb 01

Madame O (1967) Zoku akutokui: Joi-hen

A teenage girl walking along the beach is attacked by a group of men and brutally gang-raped. She later finds out that not only is she pregnant from the rape, but that she has contracted syphilis, and she develops a deep hatred for all men. Years later she becomes a doctor. By day she saves lives, but at night she takes her revenge on men by picking them up and killing them in various ways. However, one day she meets and falls in love with a young physician. Complications ensue.

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Jan 28

Tokyo Skin (1996) aka Tôkyô sukin

Amidst the swirl of Tokyo’s seamy nightlife of designer drugs, casual sex, and American slang, Zhou turns 30. It’s a spiritual crisis for this Chinese immigrant who quotes Confucius, this Lothario and con artist who fences stolen goods. He falls for Kyoko, a seemingly shy provincial woman looking for the man who jilted her sister. As their relationship plays out, Hanawa intercuts stories of Kazuo, a hyper- kinetic artist who loves the trendy Yoko (Kazuo bores her and she pursues the indifferent Zhou), and Ali, a Pakistani Muslim who, broke and forlorn, stands outside a convenience store love-struck by a clerk because she looked into his eyes (she thought he was shop-lifting).

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Jan 27

Honey Bee (1995) aka Yu huo kuang mi

Master Du, a businessman from Suzhou, went to a foreign land to do business and met a robber. His property was robbed and fell into another country. It was just when a strange man rescued him. He gave him a box and told him that he could never open it in this world. Du Ri later gave him a treasure in return. Eighteen years later, Du’s daughter Saizhen opened the box when she was curious, and suddenly a skull flew out, telling Master Du to ask his daughter to repay him. Du refused. From then on, This ghost is attached to Saizhen, and when the moon is full, it will go out to absorb the essence…

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