Aug 31

Sacred Koya (1984) AKA Koya Hijiri


Very rare film by the master of pinku, loosely based on the tale by Kyoka Izumi. I haven’t watched it myself; however, from the clips I looked, it seems to be set in modern-day Japan, and features a lot of hardcore sex scenes (quite different from the story’s tone, since the latter is erotic, but never explicit). The image is a cover for the short story, btw, since I couldn’t find a poster for the film version. Continue reading

Aug 29

Organ (1996)

OrgaTwo police detectives Numata and Tosaka infiltrate a group of underground black market human organ dealers. Things go haywire during a raid on the group’s surgical headquarters. Numata barely escapes, while a wounded Tosaka gets left behind. Through a series of surreal and gory events, the identities of the organ dealers are revealed as Numata plans his revenge.A strange Japanese film about illegal organ transplants, Medical experiments on schoolgirls, gangsters, blood, puss and confusion. Made by the female star of “Tetsuo”, this film is probably too slow and weird for splatter fans, and probably too bloody for the normal cinema goer, nevertheless, it´s a film you will never forget, if you get the chance to see it. This movie is extra-strange yet lives of its trashy and bizarre pictures. If you like purulent ulcerations exerbating and real weird erotics – it is the real thing for you. Don’t expect a pure splatter movie but a picture with intense horror… Continue reading