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  1. Hi admin,
    thanks for posting these classic and new rare movies in your webpage.
    Could you please find for me the uncensored and hardcore japanese movies, in them, the guy eating sushi on the naked girl before sexually intercousing …., thanks a lot

  2. Hi, could you please upload the high quality copy of the Korean movie ‘Step Brother 2’ (aka 새오빠2) from 2018?

  3. Hi , I know i’m suppose to post the title of the movie but I have no clue what it is. This is the link “” from youtube. Please take a look. I tried to google around with japanese pink movies from 70s-90s but I couldn’t find it.

    Thank you

  4. request this please, i deleted the file years ago and now i want to collect it again and can’t find it anywhere else.
    – sikreto ni kuya [2007]
    – room 213 [2008]
    thankyou very much admin ^_^

  5. Hey! Admin I need your some help to set Eng Sub on Yogisha No Onna (Woman on night train), I need it so much Thank you

  6. Hello admin, I need to request the movie, this is Cruel Female Love Suicide (残酷おんな情死 Zankoku onna jōshi) 1970. I try so hard to search it but I have no idea where is file. Please help me Thank you ^_^

  7. Hello, admin! I’ve been looking for several Asian films for a couple of years, I can not find anywhere, maybe you can help:

    So Much Pain So in Love (2011)
    Albino (2016) (HD)
    Gankyû no yume (2016) (HD)
    Gokudô deka (2003)
    Zakuro yakata (1997)
    Honban rezu: Hazukashii taii (1994)
    Datsui-mâjan gakuen Z (2013)
    Datsui-mâjan purizun (2014)
    Datsuimajan Keisatsu24ji (2015)

    quite a lot :)), but at least a few of them, thank you in advance!

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