Nipples (2006) aka Nippuruzu

Juri, an ex-bike freak, is a popular bikini model. The agency she belongs to values her highly and has a policy not to make her a porn star. People respect Juri for not selling-out. Then a magazine exposes Juri’s topless photo. Her agent is disappointed and tons of fan mails arrive telling her how disappointed they are in her. Among those messages, Juri finds one that says, “I’m watching you. Pull through. You have not been nude yet.” She starts to correspond regularly with the man. After years, she and the man, Mako, get married. Mako is a diligent businessman and loves Juri very much; however, he cannot look at her nipples because he is an aichmophobia (a fear of being touched by a finger or pointed object). The FullMotion label is a collection of erotic films all to do with the eclectic relationships of young married couples. It stars popular girls such as: Ai Kurosawa; Yuna Mizumoto; Runa Akatsuki and more. The films are in a “chain-story” format, where characters, objects, and music from a prior film make an appearance in the next film and the same goes on for all subsequent films. In these movies, people are always hooking up with this person or the other; soon finding themselves breaking off and starting something new. You’ll never know who’ll be the next star. In fact, the FullMotion label tells you, everyone is their own star as well as a side-character in someone else’s life. It just so happens, that’s how the world is designed.

Year...........: 2006
Director.......: Ken Arima
Casts..........: Honoka, Mutsuo Yoshioka, Horiken, MIKA
Genre..........: Drama | Erotic | Pinku
Country........: Japan
Language.......: Japanese
Also Known As..: Nippuruzu
                 乳首死守!: ニップルズ
Format.........: DVDrip | 1.86 GiB | 74 mins | 880×380 | mkv



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