New Lily I-III (1993-1995) aka Shin yurizoku (Nikkatsu Video)

Ayane Miura (三浦綺音 Miura Ayane) (born May 8, 1973) is a Japanese model, singer, actress. As an actress she portrayed Sadako Yamamura in the 1995 Japanese TV movie Ring. Miura has appeared in several V-Cinema films. In 1996 she appeared in an entry in the popular Rapeman series. Miura’s episode, The Rape-Man of Edo takes the concept of the series into samurai milieu.
1. New Lily I (1993) 新・百合族 先生、キスしたことありますか?
2. New Lily II (1994) 新・百合族2
3. New Lily III (1995) 新.百合族3


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