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  1. Hi,

    Think the files for Hong Kong Valentino are damaged/corrupt, unable to extract. Have downloaded twice & tried. Please advise.


  2. Hi hotXshare,

    Refer to the above , i am also unable to unpack files that are named rar.001…etc.. for other movie as well, or is there a particular software i need to use to unpack these files?


    • Title correct is: WestSex Journey I,II (咸湿西游记 I,II :朱八戒淫闯女儿国), release 2007. I will update soon!

  3. Part 1 of the fboom rar file is missing for the Brrip of Aesthetics of a Bullet (1973) aka Teppôdama no bigaku. Only parts 2 – 5 are available. Please re-upload part 1. Thank you.

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