Affair (2014) aka Mil-ae (밀애)

photo465180Yoon-hee is one of the best curators who has everything. She meets a celebrated photographer named Hyeong-seok while preparing for an exhibit. She feels attracted towards him at first sight and suggests 100 days of sex games. The Korean version of “Nine and A Half Weeks”, only instincts control their love! No rules exist between them.

  • AKA: 밀애 (Mil-ae)
  • Genre: Drama | Melodrama | Romance
  • Release Date: 2014/07/24
  • Runtime: 86min
  • Director: Kim In-gyoo (김인규), Kim Min-joon-I (김민준)
  • Country: South Korea
  • Language: Korean
  • Subtitles: NONE
  • Cast: Yoo Ra-seong, Hwang Bo-wook


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