The Love Ranger (2011) aka Aira Take sentai airinjâ

The time is 20XX, Japan has been invaded and is now ruled by the evil secret society “Die! Die! Die! Die! Squadron” which aims to dominate the world. Japanese society grinds to a halt as the population is so confused by the squadron. Airi Owashi (Jessica Kisaki), the leader of the Love Rangers, and named Ranger Red, is kidnapped by the squadron and transformed into a mechanitron for their world invasion project. However, Airi manages to escape and gets back with her old comrades, Rami Samejima (Airi Kijima), Love Ranger Blue, and Buritoni Hyodo (Aoi Hozumi), Love Ranger Yellow. They continue fighting against “Die! Die! Die! Die! Squadron” to save the world and bring peace and harmony. The Three girls’ mottos are “Love, Friendship, Passion, Union and Victory!” Will the power of their love be able to save the world? The dangerous battle between Love Ranger and “Die! Die! Die! Die! Squadron” begins!

Year..........: 2011
Directed by...: Goushi Kawano (as Goshi Kawano) 
Stars.........: Jessica Kizaki, Aoi Hozumi, Airi Kijima 
Genres........: Action | Comedy | Erotic | Fantasy | Romance | Pinku
Language......: Japanese
Country.......: Japan
Subtitle......: None
IMDB Link.....:
Also Known As.: Aira Take sentai airinjâ
Format........: DVDrip | 2.1 GiB | 75 mins | 873×480 | mkv



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