Peeped Wife Celebrity (2006)

Takaaki Ezura’s debut work, which has made a brilliant change from boutique clerk to actress. Ruriko, the wife of Mr. President, launched the management of the esthetic salon and succeeded. However, her husband who wanted to return Ruriko to her family boiled his work and ran into cheating with his secretary.

Year...........: 2006
Director.......: Takaaki Ezura 
Casts..........: Matsuura Sakiko , Uemura Yuuko , Haneda Youko
Genre..........: Erotic
Country........: Japan
Language.......: Japanese
Also Known As..: セレブ妻の憂鬱 覗かれた高級エステサロン
Format.........: DVDrip | 1.6 GiB | 72 mins | 704×412 | mkv



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One thought on “Peeped Wife Celebrity (2006)

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