P-Kan Couple (2005) aka P-Kan Fufu

A director of a record company, Bito, is introverted and always ironic so he doesn’t get along with his colleagues. Trying to break out of his shell, he forms a baseball team to communicate with the people around him. He posts an ad for the team, “Frustrations” on the company’s bulletin board but no one joins him. Bito swings the bat alone for days until he meets a half-naked woman sunbathing on the grass. He is fascinated with the woman, Mitsuko, and they make love right there. After that, they get married but to Bito’s shock, Mitsuko refuses to sleep with him unless it is outside under the sun. The FullMotion label is a collection of erotic films all to do with the eclectic relationships of young married couples. It stars popular girls such as: Ai Kurosawa; Yuna Mizumoto; Runa Akatsuki and more. The films are in a “chain-story” format, where characters, objects, and music from a prior film make an appearance in the next film and the same goes on for all subsequent films. In these movies, people are always hooking up with this person or the other; soon finding themselves breaking off and starting something new. You’ll never know who’ll be the next star. In fact, the FullMotion label tells you, everyone is their own star as well as a side-character in someone else’s life. It just so happens, that’s how the world is designed.

Year...........: 2005
Director.......: Takashi Motoki
Casts..........: Kyoko Aizome, Hotaru Hazuki, Reon Kadena
Genre..........: Drama | Erotic | Pinku
Country........: Japan
Language.......: Japanese
Also Known As..: P-Kan Fufu
Format.........: DVDrip | 1.69 GiB | 76 mins | 880x380| mkv



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