Hana-Dama: Phantom (2016) aka Hanadama: Gen’ei

Sadakazu Sawamura is a film projectionist who works for an old movie theater that is about to permanently close. He spends his days staring at the screen from the projection room. One day, he sees someone who shouldn’t be seen – a girl in black – in a film during a screening of it. The girl is staring at him as if she wants to tell him something. After the screening, he checks the film carefully, but can’t find the girl. That night, he encounters a phantom of the girl on the theater’s stage. He hides the girl in his waiting room, and lets her stay for the night. The next day, he tells her not to go out from the room, and leaves for work. He puts the same film on as the previous day, but can’t find the girl in it. He comes back to his waiting room to see if the girl is still there, but she’s gone. He goes to town to search for her, and finally finds the phantom of the girl at a river bank, as if she has beckoned him there. Suddenly, his lost memory comes back to him. He looks at her again, and finds a venomous-looking flower blooming ominously on her head. Who is she? What is that flower? Does it have any connection with his lost memory?

Year..............: 2016
Directed by.......: Hisayasu Satô
Actors............: Takaya Aoyagi, Hideki Heike, Megumi Inau
Genres............: Drama | Surreal | Horror | Erotic
Language..........: Japanese 
Subtitle..........: English
Country...........: Japan
IMDB Link.........: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5542208/
Also known as.....: Hanadama: Gen'ei
Format............: DVDrip | 2.04 GiB | 83 mins | 853x480 | mkv

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