From Orion’s Testimony: Formula for Murder (1978) aka Orion no satsui yori – Joji no houteishiki

Toshihiko’s father, Kozo is a conservative egoist who runs a jeweler and is trying to hold down people with financial strength. Therefore, Toshihiko’s mother · son also can divorce without being able to endure Kozo’s domineering. Since then Toshihiko had an antipathy to Kozo. Eventually Kozo will welcome young and beautiful Asako to his wife. As Toshihiko embraces her feelings of thought to Asako, he sees opportunities for revenge on Kozo. As Toshihiko Asako occasionally confused in going silently and going out, she traps her. And Asako secretly met with Mr. Kitahata of an old lover …

Year..........: 1978
Directed by...: Kichitaro Negishi 
Stars.........: Miyako Yamaguchi, Shogo Kano, Rokkô Toura 
Genres........: Drama | Pinku
Language......: Japanese
Subtitles.....: None
Country.......: Japan
Also known as.: Orion no satsui yori - Joji no houteishiki, 
                オリオンの殺意より 情事の方程式 
Format........: DVDrip | 1.35 GiB | 73 mins | 624×320 | mkv

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