Female Prisoner No. 701: Sasori (2011) aka Joshû 701-gô: Sasori gaiden

Nami Matsushima, prisoner #701 is sent to a body odor and hatred filled Woman’s Prison for attempted murder. Her face is expressionless and icy, but she’s burning with hatred inside, as an officer hose down her naked body with water. But the water does not put out the flaming hatred. Nami, led by the guard, is brought into Number 2 community cell, where suicides and unnatural deaths occurred one after another. Her senior prisoners did not wait to assault her. And at night, a lesbian inmate Tatsuko who is attracted to Nami’s perfect body would come trying to lure her into lesbianism. Tatsuko can’t hold down her moaning while being caressed by Nami. But with that, a group attacks Nami and she bites off a toe of the inmate boss. In the punishment cell, Nami begins to look back in her past. Nami had a lover named Sugimi, who was a successful company owner in the IT business world. One night at dinner, Sugimi introduced Nami to a young Dietman named Kurata. As it turned out, Sugimi had a secret side. He was an owner of a high-end call girl club and he sold her off to Kurata, who intended to rape Nami, in exchange for the rights for a building in Shibuya. Cuffed and restricted to the bed, Nami was raped by Kurata all night long. And as soon as she was freed, she stabbed Sugimi’s right eye with a pen. Sugimi bribed prison guard Hayashi to kill Nami in prison, after she was arrested for attempted murder. But while Hayashi’s plot to murder her ended up as a failure, Nami successfully escaped from prison. And now, in the twilight city of Shibuya, Nami begins her revenge. Who will survive?

YEAR...............: 2011
DIRECTOR...........: Ken-chi Fujiwara
STARS..............: Kirara Asuka, Sana, Ryuza, Jun-ichi Kawamoto
GENRES.............: Crime | Drama | Thriller
COUNTRY............: Japan
LANGUAGE...........: Japanese
SUBTITLES..........: None
IMDB LINK..........: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2089716/
ALSO KNOWN AS......: Joshû 701-gô: Sasori gaiden
FORMAT.............: 1001.45 MiB | 72 mins  | 853x480| mkv



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