All Night Long 6 : Anyone Would Have Done (2009) aka All Night Long: Daredemo yokatta

A knife-wielding sexual deviant targets two beautiful sisters.He begins frantic night of abuse and humiliation with the older one after she getting back home.The innocent older sister doesn’t know that he had broken into their apartment and had confined the younger one.So basically two sisters are humiliated and savagely murdered by Japanese version of young Jack Ketchum.Despite its deliberately slow pace “All Night Long 6” certainly delivers when it comes to the gore.The crotch stabbing is truly sick with gallons of spurting blood.It easily rivals similar scene in Italian sleazefest “Giallo a Venezia” in its savagery.The film is apparently inspired by Akihabara mass murder case which took place in June 2008.The assailant Tomohiro Kato attacked a crowd with his vehicle,running over three people,then stabbing at least 17 people using a dagger,killing seven people.

Year..........: 2009
Directed by...: Katsuya Matsumura
Stars.........: Marica Hase, Maki Kitani, Takashi Yamanaka 
Genres........: Horror | Thriller | Erotic
Language......: Japanese
Country.......: Japan
Subtitle......: None
IMDB Links....:
Also Known As.: All Night Long: Daredemo yokatta 
Format........: DVDrip | 1.87 GiB | 85 mins | 873×480 | mp4



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