Jail House Eros (1990) a.K.a Jian yu bu she fang

jailhouse-eros-1990_coverJailhouse Eros (1990) was an Amy Yip starring vehicle. She plays Chesty, an inmate inside a women’s correctional facility. Unlike other jail houses, this one is haunted by a couple of ghosts (one’s a good fairy and the other one is mean and nasty). The ghostly problem has gotten so bad that the female prisoners have banded together against the evil ghost. But the head guard has a plan. He’ll bring in some professional tao priests who’ll chase the spirits away. Can the “priest” do the job? Will the inmates keep on trying to kill one another? Is their a lot of pretty Chinese women wearing tight prison outfits?

Year...........: 1990
Director.......: Sai Hung Fung & Jing Wong
Casts..........: Stanley Sui-Fan Fung, Pauline Yu-Huan Wang, Loletta Lee 
Genre..........: Comedy | Horror | WIP | CAT.III
Country........: Hong Kong
Language.......: Cantonese
Subtitles......: English [Hard]
IMDB Link .....: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099880/
Also Known As..: Jian yu bu she fang 
Format.........: DVDrip | Ar: 1.85:1  | 1.63 GiB | 85 mins | 734x400 | mkv


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