The Other Side Of Dolls (1993) aka New Call Girl (新應召女郎)

other_side_of_dolls_c013cdb99331325b73947825f3eedb54A model training center is set up by Lady Rose, which aims to provide s3x partners for men with high social status. However, Lady Rose’s main purpose is to blackmail the reputable men for money. A fashion show of undergarment is held, Lady Rose’s models appear in their s3xiest and most seductive und3rwear, and men cannot stop looking for partners. The dirty business of Lady Rose is finally exposed and shakes up the city when a model is killed…

  • Title: 新應召女郎 / The Other side of Dolls (1993)
  • Director: Lam Yi-Hung
  • Producer: Joe Wong Gong-Keung
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Genre: Adult | Drama | Comedy
  • Subtitle: English | Chinese
  • Rating: III (Hong Kong)

The other side of dolls (1993)_Thumb_


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