Nov 30

Mae Bia (2015) aka แม่เบี้ย

maebia_theme_reChanachol, recently returned to Thailand after living overseas, signs up for a tour to get back in touch with Thai culture, and finds himself attracted to the tour guide, Mekhala. There are several problems with the relationship: Chanachol is married, with family, and Mekhala has a mysterious, symbiotic relationship with a deadly cobra, and many of her previous suitors have ended up dead.
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Sep 23

My Pale Lover (1993) aka Ching laan chi chai

The film opens in Club Venus, somewhere in the HK nightclub district, but with topless (and sometimes bottomless) Thai go-go girls gyrating to Thai pop music and even talking in Thai, this scene could well have been filmed in Patpong. Anyway, after much confusion and random changes of scene and people having sex just about everywhere, the story eventually settles down to be a wacky relationship quadrangle.
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Jun 27

Wet Death (2011) aka Sob nai hong nam (ศพในห้องน้ำ)

Wet Death (2011)
When a woman is found drowned in the bath the police begin an investigation. However the victim’s ghost goes after the police and one cop is arrested and sent for psychiatric evaluation as the other cops think he is crazy. With him out of the way the ghost goes after others.
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