Dec 29

Outing 2 (2017) aka 외출 2 (woi-chul 2)

My sexy stewardess wife, not a flight specialist?; “I do not have a husband at home tonight, would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?”. Yun Ju, who is working as a stewardess, comes to the middle school alumni ceremony in 10 years. Formal appearance which became wonderful appearance that former appearance was not found. Yun Ju tried to refuse the formal statement that he had already married, but in the end..

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Dec 20

Women: Sexual Satisfaction (2017) aka 여자들 : 섹스의 만족도

The better you do that, the better your job will be,” he says. “The new employee, Joo Suk, is warned by the shooter to watch out for Lee. As you can see, Ji-sun was a killer guy who was a horny new man! In addition, as he began to go over the pilgrimage to Zhu Xi, a sex partner of Zhaoqing co-worker and Da-chul, his career is becoming more and more dangerous.

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Oct 10

Turning Gate (2002) aka Saenghwalui balgyeon

Actor Kyung Soo leaves Seoul to visit an old classmate. The reunion with his friend does not amount to much, but the trip does lead to some romantic encounters. He gets involved with two women, first a young college student whom he leaves without a moment’s thought and then a woman whom he deems his fated partner. As Kyung Soo becomes increasingly invested in this second relationship, he begins to notice certain coincidences and similarities that recall past pairings, blurring his conception of exactly which woman, which relationship, he is so desperately holding on to.

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