Dec 27

Terminatrix (1995) aka Mizutani Kei: Insatsu no toriko

Japanese sex kitten Kei Mizutani in a Terminator knock-off soft core porn vehicle. In the future, killer sex-droids rule the universe. Beautiful women either submit to slavery or they are the enemy. The Terminatrix comes back to the present from the future to combat the sex-bots.

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Dec 26

Visitor Q (2001) aka Bijitâ Q

A father, who is a failed former television reporter tries to mount a documentary about violence and sex among youths. He proceeds to have sex with his daughter who is now a prostitute and films his son being humiliated and hit by classmates. “Q”, a perfect stranger somehow gets involved and enter the bizzare family who’s son beats his mom, who in turn is also a prostitute and a heroin addict…

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Dec 25

Tokyo Booty Nights (2004) aka Danchi no okusan dosokai ni iku

Yuji and Akiko are newlyweds. Yuji dreams of being a movie star. He lands the lead role in a Pink Eiga soft-core sex film. The director requires him to have sex with the actress. Akiko goes to her high school reunion and is raped by a drunken guy, and then hooks up with her ex-high school love. A dark and comedic look at contemporary relationships and the pitfalls of married life. The story was written by Locarno International Film Festival, Golden Leopard Prize Winner, Masahiro Kobayashi.

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Dec 21

Rinko Eighteen (2009) aka 18 rin

What happens when an innocent 18-year-old girl has to work in the adult video industry? Find out the hilarious results in Rinko Eighteen, based on the comic by Matsumoto Taka. In her first starring role, gravure model Tashiro Sayaka stars as Rinko, an aspiring doctor who returns home to find out that her father is bankrupt and has divorced her mother. With nowhere to go, Rinko signs up for the first job she finds, which turns out to be a production assistant at an adult video production company. Naturally, nothing can possibly prepare her for the work waiting for her at her new job…

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Dec 14

Honeymoon (1984) aka Mitsugetsu

Tetsuaki is an unpublished novelist who makes his living by taking odd jobs. When Tetsuaki hears that Mitsuko, a staff at a publishing house, is getting married, he confesses his love to her. Mitsuko rejects him. But after the engagement is broken off she falls in love with Tetsuaki. Unfortunately, Mitsuko comes from a rich family and finds it demeaning to live a life that is too much deprived of material comforts.

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Dec 12

Hell Riders in Kyoto (1973) aka Boso sekkusu-zoku

The rich punk Junya has only one thing in mind: to race with the police on his motorcycle. That makes him unpopular, not only with the police, even with his Bosozoku buddies, who slowly but surely distance themselves from him. Junya falls in love with the equally speed-hungry Hiroko.

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Dec 11

Rope Hell (1978) aka Nawa jigoku

Akiko is the heir to a yakuza clan. Hitoshi, who has been kicked out of the rival Hono Clan after attempting to seduce Akiko, kidnaps her at the behest of Hanamura. Hanamura has formed a new gang and intends to use Akiko as a hostage to take over her clan’s territory. During the torture and abuse sessions which follow, Akiko comes to enjoy the treatment and forsakes her gangland empire.

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