Aug 15

Temptation of Kimono (2009) aka Kimono no yūwaku

Mikage will get wedded to Youiti next 12 months, she confirms to stay at one house with Youiti’s mom and dad. Some day, Youiti’s dad disrobed Mikage’s Kimono and abused her. To her astonishment, her fiancé Youiti whom Mikage thinks true love has an relationship with his young stepmother. Surprised and blasted, what will Mikage do?

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Aug 09

Torso (2009) aka Toruso

Kore-eda’s longtime cinematographer, Yutaka Yamazaki, made his directoral debut this year with Torso. Following in the footsteps of Air Doll, Yamazaki takes on a story of a human loving a sex toy with a much different outcome than Kore-eda’s opus. Makiko Watanabe aces the role of a alienated woman “in love” with a blow-up male torso. Rising star Sakura Ando, playing her sister adds to the tension when discovers her secret desire. All in all, a taught and forgiving drama that makes loving an armless, headless, legless torso make sense.

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Aug 06

Confessions : The Secrets of Machiko Matsuoka (2010) aka ~ Matsuoka Machiko no himitsu ~

Machiko Matsuoka is a high school music teacher who lives with Keiko, her older sister with a bad leg. They were close once, but Keiko became disabled in an incident. Believing that Machiko was the cause, Keiko has treated her like a slave ever since. Machiko has done everything she says, but her frustration has accumulated. One day, Machiko begins a secret relationship with her student.

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Aug 04

Sakiko no sushi (2005)

With a special natural instinct of “absolute taste”, the genius girl Sakiko was trained by her father in their family sushi bar. But one day Sakiko was fed up with her father’s harsh training. She left with her boyfriend. Years later she came back home only to find her father’s sushi bar to be taken over by the rich girl Harumi and her Black Gang as a revenge of Harumi’s lost love. Now Sakiko had to fight not only for her family but her dignity to win the sushi contest.

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Aug 03

Nun Story: Frustration in Black (1980) aka Shûdôjo: Kokui no naka no uzuki

A young woman takes a vow to become a nun for the rest of her life. Now known as “Sister Maria,” she settles in at the local monastery for her new life of poverty, chastity and obedience. Maria soon discovers something horrifying is happening within its locked gates… something beyond mere sin! The nuns are being mercilessly tortured and when they try to flee, they suffer a worse fate! After a brutal assault, Maria discovers she is now pregnant. Knowing it is strictly forbidden for any nun to have relations with men, Maria must figure out how to escape her own living Hell! Nikkatsu Films is famous for their controversial and sexually-themed films, but with NUN STORY: FRUSTRATION IN BLACK they tackle one of the most forbidden taboos with explicit nunsploitation.

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