Oct 18

Samsara (2001)

samsara_2001_coverA spiritual love-story set in the majestic landscape of Ladakh, Himalayas. Samsara is a quest; one man’s struggle to find spiritual Enlightenment by renouncing the world. And one woman’s struggle to keep her enlightened love and life in the world. But their destiny turns, twists and comes to a surprise ending…

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Oct 26

Cosmic Sex (2015) UNCUT Version

main-qimg-56b2cf5403aef86e8b42cdb557d31726One night eighteen year old Kripa has a fight with his father over his stepmother. There is an accident. His father dies. He has murdered his father. Scared, he runs away from home. The night throws up characters and encounters for Kripa. Devi the street walker, Jonaki her transgenderpimp…Kripa is entrapped in the web of love, sex and jealousy. He murders again. Jonaki dies. Kripa runs on. At dawn Kripa sits by the banks of the river Ganges. The serene river soothes his frayed nerves. A woman emerges out of the water. There is no end to this night. She is his dead mother come alive. He follows her. She takes him into her house. She adopts him as her son. She gives him a new life, another birth. She teaches him to travel inwards into himself using his sexual energy…No one bothers him here… Kripa journeys on…
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