Oct 17

Caged Beauties (1993) a.K.a Qiu Mei Gui

caged_beauties_coverCaged Beauties tells the story of an oppressive revolutionary government randomly arresting unsuspecting citizens. The men are used to target practice and the women become prostitutes. Very grim and brutal Women In Prison flick with a huge cast of extras. The somewhat crude documentary style actual helps sell it as realistic.

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Sep 08

Jail House Eros (1990) a.K.a Jian yu bu she fang

jailhouse-eros-1990_coverJailhouse Eros (1990) was an Amy Yip starring vehicle. She plays Chesty, an inmate inside a women’s correctional facility. Unlike other jail houses, this one is haunted by a couple of ghosts (one’s a good fairy and the other one is mean and nasty). The ghostly problem has gotten so bad that the female prisoners have banded together against the evil ghost. But the head guard has a plan. He’ll bring in some professional tao priests who’ll chase the spirits away. Can the “priest” do the job? Will the inmates keep on trying to kill one another? Is their a lot of pretty Chinese women wearing tight prison outfits?
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Sep 06

100 Years of Torture: The History (1975) a.K.a Gômon hyakunen-shi

100_years_of_torture_inquisition_COVERThe movie takes place in four periods: the first, a group of female Christians are raped and crucified in 18th century Japan. The second deals with a man who beats his cheating wife and her lover. The third, and the most interesting, is set in WW2 where inquisition soldiers torture, rape and abuse female traitors, and the fourth story deals with soldiers raping and abusing suspected female spies.
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Apr 20

Prisoner Maria: The Movie (1995) aka Joshû shokeinin Maria: Gekijô-ban

b5-prisonermariaConvicted of killing the drug dealer who murdered her husband, Maria is blackmailed into serving as a covert assassin. She must do the government’s bidding if she is ever to regain her freedom, or her son. With each completed mission, her sentenced is further reduced. Yet, with every job she feels further away from her goal of a peaceful life.
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Mar 18

Injo Shuuyoujo 3: Prison Battle (2010) aka 淫女収容所 3: プリズン・バトル プリズン・バトル


Eros action series in the 3rd stage was dominated by violence and prison whip female prisoner. Transformation under the cry of the director, who was lined on the wall female prisoner. Termed it go over the holes in the body hole, the director will shame the women one after another. Female prisoner in their harsh daily. Bamboo House of Dolls is another famous japanese women in prison flick filmed in Japan
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Feb 24

Female Prisoner Ayaka: Tormenting and Breaking in a Bitch (2008) [Uncut] aka Joshū Ayaka: Itaburi Mesu Chōkyō(女囚アヤカ いたぶり牝調教)

lGDjgykCvXI9vLU0kd7UA74lsuUAyaka has recurring dreams in which she is a prisoner subjected to strip-searches by the guards. Her husband, Kenji, convinces Ayaka to seek medical help, and sleeping pills are prescribed. Back at home, Ayaka takes a shower, during which she masturbates, then goes into a dream in which she engages in lesbian sex with former prisoner Kyōko. While pregnant, Kyōko had killed her unfaithful husband. Ayaka awakens in bed to find Kenji sleeping beside her.
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Jan 06

Female Prisoner Sigma (2006) aka Joshû Shiguma

Female-Prisoner-Sigma-353x500Sigma must face a fate beyond her worst nightmares; something far more terrifying than anything the brutal guards and corrupt wardens could imagine. Because unknown to them, sigma has come to this place on a mission of her own. There’s something far worse than death inside this prison, and it’s waiting for female prisoner Sigma!
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Dec 27

Erotic Journey (1993) aka Gam gei yau hei

1Three girls working at an adult club in Hong Kong went on a vacation in Thailand. They got drunk in a club and got into a fight with the club manager. Three men also vacationing in Thailand from Hong Kong just happen to be there and rescued them. The six of them went back to the hotel and have sex. It turns out those 3 men were drug dealers and left some drugs with the girls. The three drug dealers got involved in a busted drug deal when the 3 girls just turned up at the scene. The police thought the girls were involved and arrested them. They were sent to a prison camp in the Thai jungles.
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