Aug 16

Daydream 2 (1987) [Uncensored and Censored version] a.K.a Hakujitsumu zoku (白日夢)

captured_for_sexAn artist and a young woman are in a dentist’s waiting room. Though he is attracted to the woman, he says nothing to her. They are later in the same examining room. When he is given an anaesthetic, he begins to imagine a series of scenes in which the woman undergoes various forms of sexual abuse, including rape and torture. When the artist recovers from the anaesthetic, he finds clues showing that he may not have been hallucinating.
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Aug 15

Daydream (1981) [Uncensored and Censored version] a.K.a Hakujitsumu (白日夢)

daydream81“Daydream” is a structureless succession of bizarre and erotic set-pieces revolving around a series of fantasies in a dentist’s waiting room.A young woman named Chieko begins hallucinating whilst sitting on the dentist’s chair.Her hallucinations involve dental surgeon,who molests and sexually abuses the woman.She is subjected to lengthy bondage session by the dentist,then she is pursued naked by him through a shopping mall and so on.
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Jul 19

Captured for Sex (1987) a.K.a Hakujitsumu zoku

captured_for_sexA girl, Sakae, who is looking for a dentist for a pain in a tooth, meets Shinkichi along the way, a guy that gives her a ride. The dentist, a woman, starts to visit her, anesthetizes her and abuses her. Sakae and than Shikichi, are drawn into a nightmare of sex and perversion … But this is all real? Continue reading