May 13

A Night in Nude (1993) aka Nudo no yoru (ヌードの夜)

19122457011bffb75b2f5749e3eba5e7e62232a5Pinku eiga auteur and popular manga artist Takashi Ishii directs this sex-charged crime thriller. The film centers on Nami, who pops into a company that touts that it will “do anything” and asks its harried owner Muraki to give her a tour of Tokyo. After visiting Tokyo tower and hip nightspots in Roppongi, she checks into a swank hotel, hides a knife under her pillow, and dresses to kill in a red miniskirt. Previously, her yakuza lover stripped and raped her as his cohort watched. As she waits for him in the hotel room, she quietly plots her revenge. Unfortunately, he discovers her plan and ravages her again. While her erstwhile boyfriend is taking post-rape shower, she takes knife in hand and makes an unwitting homage to Psycho. Later, she stuffs the body in a bag, and calls on Muraki to dispose of it.
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Apr 15

Rapeman 3 (1994) aka The Reipuman 3 (レイプマン3)

Rapeman-3-1994-350x500One of Keisuke’s students is found dead and her death ruled an accident. Keisuke and the girl’s mother don’t believe the death to be accidental – and upon investigation, Keisuke and Uncle unknowingly delve into an underground world of shady cops, scummy drug dealers, corrupt teachers and a rape-porn ring. Once again, Rapeman sets out to right wrongs through penetration.
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Apr 11

Rape and Death of a Housewife (1978) aka Hitozuma shudan boko chishi jiken

Three young boys drunkenly rape a woman named Emiko, the wife of a man they’ve developed a friendship with. She dies of heart failure during the attack.Her chicken farmer husband, incapable of dealing with her death tends to her corpse as though it were still alive completely unable to accept her demise.
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Mar 27

Rapeman 2 (1994) aka The Reipuman 2

The-Rapeman2-1994-350x500Rapeman’s back and he’s ready to pull down his zipper! After checking out Rapeman part 1 a couple months back and really enjoying it for what it was – a warm-hearted vengeance based mystery flick, I got my paws on Rapeman 2: When Doctors Go Bad….not the real title but it works. The story is about Rapeman and his Uncle who are a tag-team of sorts and created a company together where their motto is “Righting Wrongs Through Penetration”. People want revenge Rapeman style, they go to the Uncle, and if it’s rape worthy, Rapeman does what he does best. Anyways in Rapeman 2, Rapeman Co. has realized that the hospital and the mafia are somehow related and they decide enough is enough. What follows is even more of what you wouldn’t expect from a movie called Rapeman. It’s full of kind and silly humor but also inserted with a some serious emotional scenes.
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Mar 25

Lolita Vibrator Torture (1987) aka Lolita vib-zeme

18420998b09e7920d69ff002303fdc44ec4088bc“Lolita:Vibrator Torture” has to be one of the most repellent pinku films directed by the prolific Japanese director Hisayasu Sato.This notorious Nikkatsu pinker tells the story of a sadistic killer who lives in a squalid freight container and performs hideous acts upon young schoolgirls before bloodily murdering them and disposing of their corpses in an acid bath.Hisayasu Sato is often cited as a Japanese Cronenberg and “Lolita:Vibrator Torture” is no exception.The film contains a lot of unsettling visuals for example composites of black and white photos,pixelated close-ups of VHS screens or computer monitors.The soundtrack is truly outrageous and somewhat disorienting.The film relies more on gore and sexual sadism rather than sex and is as cold and nihilistic as they get.8 out of 10.
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Mar 06

Beauty Reporter: Rape Broadcast (1989) aka Bijin reporter: boko nama-chukei

Love-ObsessionSticking to on the shoes of his silly Lolita Chijoku, this might be another satirical broadside against the thrill-seeking public and the media which panders to them from cult filmmaker Hisayasu Sato. The plot line worries a television reporter who efforts to boost reviews for her sagging midday news show by making a plot to get her sis raped live on the air. Video and mean-spirited, the movie nonetheless shows how reliable the “rub their nose in it” college of satire can often be. Maya Shiraki, Taketoshi Watari, Mariko Kosaka, and Yuka Ishihara mind the game cast of this bold Shintoho unleash.
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Feb 22

Triple Raped (2004) aka 三姦

21wbzjxx02lrTwo crazy Hong Konger guys were vying for the top post of “Park Chi Street” and were resorting to all kinds of ways including rape and kidnapping girls. They locked 3 girls in iron cage and after tearing off their clothing spraying them wet. The girls were subjected to all kinds of abuse.
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